Sunday, July 23, 2017

California Drivers - Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your California Driver Education course for teens State approved?
Yes, our course is approved by the State of California as Course OL-4390. Click here for our certification document. It is approved for teens between the ages of 15 and 17 years of age. Students must complete the course prior to their 18th birthday. Upon completion of our California drivers ed course, graduates are issued DMV OL-237 Certificate of Completion.
What are the student requirements for your California Driver Education course for teens?
Students can begin the online (classroom) training at 15 years of age. Student may not take the written test for their provisional instructional permit until they are at least 15½ years of age. We recommend teens sign up no earlier than two months prior to 15½ years of age so that as they finish the online course, they will be close enough to take the written test. Keep in mind that you must hold your provisional instructional permit for at least six months, so this would allow you to receive your provisional drivers license as close to age 16 as possible.
Will I have to take a driving test?
Yes. In California, first time drivers wishing to receive their drivers license must take a driving test before a license is issued.
How will I receive my behind-the-wheel driver training?
Once you complete the online portion of the course (this applies to the Teen course only) and complete all requirements, you will need to signup with a local approved driver instructor for six hours of behind-the-wheel driver instruction. Adults 18 and over will be issued a provisional instructional permit that will allow them to driver with a licensed adult over the age of 18 for their driver instruction.
Is your California Defensive Driver course State approved?
Yes. The course is approved throughout the state of California. Most Judges allow completion of a State approved defensive driving course to dismiss a traffic ticket, however, you should always check with your court clerk to be sure. Most every major insurance company will offer a driver discount for completion of a State approved course.
I'm an adult over 18 who has never had a license. Will your adult course help me?
Yes! The rules are different for teens under 18 than adults 18 and over. Adults will have to pass the written test to receive their provisional instructional permit and our course is designed specifically to help adults pass the written test.
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