Sunday, July 23, 2017

California Defensive Driving

California Defenisve DrivingTraffic ticket? And you want to make it go away as fast as possible, right? You want to do it cheap, with no hassles and you want it state approved so the Judge doesn't give you any hassle? wouldn't hurt to get your insurance premium reduced as well, right? You've come to the right place!

It happens to all of us, sooner or later. That unexpected traffic ticket. It can add points to your record, increase your insurance premiums and it's a hassle to deal with court. Who has the time? This state approved California Defensive Driving (traffic school) course is designed with one thing in mind. Making it as simple, fun and hassle free to get that ticket fast as possible. Your time is important and we understand.

California Defensive Driving using Multimedia technology.The defensive driving course is Flash based that uses interactive multimedia with graphics, audio and animation. It features short modules designed to maximize learning retention while minimizing the chance of being overwhelmed.

Students can login and logout as your schedule permits. Our California defensive driving course will remember where you left off last making it extremely convenient for those with demanding and busy schedules. Take it all at once, or break it up over a week or two. You are in control and you can login from any computer with internet access to work on the course as your time permits. Best of all, we offer Same-Day Certificate Processing and a full money back guarantee!

Look, you can search the web from day to night. Our price is as competitive as it gets, the course is state approved, it's all online and you can get that traffic ticket dismissed quick. What beter time then now, to get started!

Our State approved California Defensive Driving course will help dismiss your traffic ticket and/or receive a discount on your auto insurance.

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Customer Comments

Hey guys, sending a quick message to say thanks for everything. This is so much better than spending a Saturday at the local class. Ticket was dismissed with no problems at all.

Michael Grueber - Tracy, California

I waited till the last minute, as usual. You bailed me out with the overnight shipping. Barely met the deadline, but the ticket was dismissed.

Susan Millet - Palo Alto, California

Easiest course I ever took! This was just too sweet! Did the course in less than a week, a little each evening. Mailed off the certificate to the court and it was dismissed!

Victor Garza - Citrus Heights, California
State Approved
State approved California Adult driver education course.